CRT by S&P Outdoor Cabinet with ERV Cores

Energy Recovery Ventilators

CRT Models

Model Features

  • MERV-8 filters
  • Fully insulated case
  • Large cores for high efficiency
  • No condensate pan or drain required
  • Rainhood included
  • Access door for easy maintenance and Cleaning
  • Integral lifting lugs
  • AHRI Certified

AHRI Certified

Model Overview

The Models CRT consist of an insulated sheet metal cabinet with 2, 3 or 4 ERV cores and MERV 8 filters. These roof-mounted cabinets are designed for retrofit or new construction applications where space for an ERV does not meet the requirements. The CRT provides cost-effective energy recovery with the flexibility in the location of the supply and exhaust blowers.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including formaldehyde, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

10-year core warranty, 2-year unit warranty

Ventilation Type: Static Plate, Heat and Humidity Transfer
Insulated sheet metal cabinets with energy exchange cores and filters
Individual CRT Series units can be built to larger air handling systems
Blower not included and must be specified to meet job requirements
Description C2XRT C3XRT C4XRT
Typical Airflow Range CFM 500-2,200 750-3,300 1,000-4,000
AHRI 1060 Certified Core Two (2) L125-00 Three (3) L125-00 Four (4) L-125-00
Airflow Rating Points (for AHRI) 1,500 and 1,120 CFM 2,250 and 1,690 CFM 3,000 and 2,250 CFM
Unit Weight 250 lbs  377 lbs  462 lbs 
Shipping Weight 310 lbs  477 lbs  562 lbs 
Filters: MERV 8, 2" pleated (20" x 20" nominal sizes) Four (4) Total  Six (6) Total  Eight (8) Total 
Shipping Dimensions (W x L x H) 62" x 48" x 48"  62" x 96" x 48"  62" x 96" x 48" 
Insulation: One inch, high density, FSK faced, fiberglass
Options: Double wall construction

Dimensions for C2XRT

Dimensional Drawing C2XRT

Dimensions for C3XRT

Dimensional Drawing C3XRT

Dimensions for C4XRT

Dimensional Drawing C4XRT

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  • General/Clean Air
  • Contaminated Air
  • Energy Recovery