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Low Profile with EC motor now available

With a growing demand for smaller and more flexible units, S&P USA has added the Total Recovery Low Profile with EC motor (TRLPe) to our Total Recovery (TR) series. Designed to fit tight spaces, the TRLPe110 (corded) & TRLPe110H (hardwired) are the perfect Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) for light commercial buildings, multi-family homes, and residences with low ceilings.

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Jenco Fan's new PCD80XHP Bathroom Exhaust fans include a humidity sensor and high/low two-speed operation. Enhanced efficiency and quieter performance with a 0.5 certified sone rating and efficiencies that far exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. Further improvements include an all-new plastic blower wheel featuring Autoflo technology on both high and low speeds.

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