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SMXD Mixed Flow Fan


Direct Drive Mixed Flow Fan

Taking efficiency a step further. Model SMXD is a direct drive mixed flow fan specially designed to maximize the airflow performance by acting as a hybrid between an axial and centrifugal fan, making it more efficient and quieter than comparable tubular centrifugal fans. These fans can be used in exhaust, supply, or return air applications.

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Size 6 and 15 Improvements

The eSQD (Direct Drive Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans) product line now includes a size 6 for lower performance points, and size 15 performance has improved to have higher CFM available.

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Our New Premium CHOICE XP Series is Here!

The new Premium CHOICE XP (PCXP) series is built for today's demanding requirements featuring seamless plug-&-play integration and a redesigned blower for a quiet, energy efficient performance.

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