Bathroom Exhaust

We spend hours upon hours in our bathrooms; why not make them as comfortable as possible. No more loud noisy fans that instantly alert you the moment you hit the switch. We offer a range of inline and sidewall fans through S&P to fit exactly what you need that offer several advantages over traditional bathroom fans. Our remote mounted fans are powerful enough to vent multiple areas with one unit (DV kits) for today's larger bathrooms. Multiple bathrooms with one unit are also possible. The Remote mounting feature, allows peace and quiet in the living space, thus reducing the sound level of a generally noisy fan. S&P remote fans also offer extended duty times, low maintenance, help reduce moisture, which decreases the likelihood of mold or mildew. They do not detract from the homes aesthetics, unlike some unsightly roof mounted units. S&P remote fans are the clear choice for the strongest, quietest installation.

Bathroom Exhaust Solved!

If the strongest, quietest, bathroom exhaust system is what you seek…look no further. S&P offers the perfect solution with the most options. The popular and exclusive TD series bathroom exhaust kits (for single or dual venting points) or the ultra-powerful PV series (also, for single or dual vents) for long or complicated duct runs. All S&P bath kits offer remotely mounted fans featuring a powerful fan mounted in the attic (away from the living space). The result is a "Turbo" powered fan (much stronger than generally associated with bathroom exhaust) and yet peacefully quiet operation.

Bathroom Exhaust Products