PV-POWERVENT by S&P In-line Centrifugal Duct Fan

In-line/Sidewall Duct Fan Series


Model Features

  • Exhaust air up to 943 CFM with static pressure capabilities to 1-1/2" w.g.
  • Galvanized steel casing with black baked enamel coating
  • Pre-wired junction box
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited
  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static pressures
  • AMCA Seal for Air Performance
  • cULus Listed, Standard 507 & 705

AMCA Seal for Air Performance   cULus Listed   ETL Listed

Model Overview

The POWERVENT (PV) series of direct drive centrifugal in-line duct ventilation fans consists of twelve model sizes 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12.4" respectively. All models are designed for direct connection in-line with standard diameter round ducting. Airflow performance values range from 153 CFM (PV-100X) up to 943 CFM (PV-315X).

All PV fan models incorporate a powerful external rotor motor that has been factory matched to a non-overloading backward curved centrifugal fan wheel.

This powerful combination enables the fan to deliver exceptional airflow performances against high static pressure typically found in ducted ventilation systems. All motors within PV fans are fully speed controllable using voltage or frequency control regulators.

The PV series of duct exhaust or supply fans have been specifically designed for simple installation and many years of maintenance-free operation. These fans can be mounted at any angle and any point along the duct. The totally enclosed motor design allows the PV fans to operate in high moisture, lint, and dust-laden air. All models are manufactured with high-quality materials and artistry that is supported by a comprehensive five (5) year warranty.

All PV Fans feature a corrosion resistant galvanized steel casing with black baked enamel coating and are supplied with a strong mounting bracket and prewired junction box.

The PV-100X fans feature Class F motor insulation.

5-year fan housing and motor warranty

Size Duct Dia. Max. CFM Nom. RPM Voltage Frequency Max. Watts Current Max. SP Max. Temp. of Transported Air Avg. Ship Weight
100X 4" 153 2880 115V 60Hz 84W 0.8A 1.85" 158°F 7 lbs
125X 5" 206 2745 115V 60Hz 85W 0.8A 1.77" 158°F 7 lbs
150X 6" 390 2750 115V 60Hz 135W 1.0A 2.05" 158°F 11 lbs
200X 8" 544 2930 115V 60Hz 180W 1.76A 2.64" 158°F 11 lbs
250X 10" 618 3045 115V 60Hz 214W 1.5A 2.8" 158°F 13 lbs
315 12.4" 669 2920 115V 60Hz 200W 1.5A 2.21" 158°F 21 lbs
315X 12.4" 943 2730 115V 60Hz 365W 2.4A 3.9" 158°F 21 lbs
Dimensional Drawing PV-POWERVENT
Size ø A ø B C D E F ø G
100 3-13/16" 3-13/16" 4-3/4" 7-11/16" 7-1/2" 4-3/4" 9-9/16"
125 4-13/16" 4-13/16" 4-3/4" 7-13/16" 7-1/2" 4-3/4" 9-9/16"
150 5-13/16" 5-13/16" 4-3/4" 8-7/16" 9-5/16" 4-3/4" 13-1/8"
200 7-13/16" 7-13/16" 4-3/4" 8-3/4" 9-5/16" 4-3/4" 13-1/8"
250 9-3/4" 9-3/4" 4-3/4" 8-1/16" 9-5/16" 4-3/4" 13-1/8"
315 12-15/16" 12-15/16" 4-3/4" 9-3/16" 10-9/16" 4-3/4" 15-13/16"


The PV-POWERVENT Series fans are also available as easy-to-install kits. This ultra-powerful bathroom fan offers a choice of single or dual vent exhaust. These kits are used for installations that require long or complicated duct runs.

Standard Exhaust Kit


  • 1 PV100X exhaust fan
  • 1 plastic round grille (PG-100)
  • Mounting bracket


  • 1 PV150 exhaust fan
  • 1 plastic round grille (PG-150)
  • Mounting Bracket

Deluxe Exhaust Kit


  • 1 PV100X exhaust fan
  • 2 plastic round grilles (PG-100)
  • 1 Y-fitting (SY-4)
  • Mounting Bracket


  • 1 PV150 exhaust fan
  • 2 plastic round grilles (PG-150)
  • 1 Y-fitting (SY-6)
  • Mounting Bracket


  • 1 PV200 exhaust fan
  • 2 plastic round grilles (BOR-200)
  • 1 Y-fitting (SY-8)
  • Mounting Bracket

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your JencoFan Representative for more information about these accessories.

BreatheClean Filter Boxes

BreatheClean Filter Boxes improve air quality by using advanced filtration and NPBI®, the patented technology that removes contaminants, including pathogens, from interior air.

BreatheClean Filter Box Pairs with Literature
BreatheClean4 PV-100X Brochure Submittal IOM
BreatheClean5 PV-125X Brochure Submittal IOM

Standard Accessories

BOC Interior Air Valve Metal Submittal
BOR Interior Air Valve Plastic Submittal
CS-325 Current Sensor Submittal
EPBT-60 Electronic Push Button Timer Submittal
FB Filter Box Submittal
GRA Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grille Submittal
LT-100 Lint Trap Submittal
MD Motorized Backdraft Damper SubmittalIOM
PER-CN High-Pressure Aluminum Louver Shutter Submittal
PER-W Plastic Louvered Shutter Submittal
PG Premium Grille/Collar Submittal
SC Speed Control Submittal
SCS5 Speed Control Slide Type Submittal
SIL Acoustic Attenuators Submittal
SPT-100X Pressure Sensor Submittal
SR Reducer Submittal
SY Y Sheet Metal Adapter Submittal
VL Vent Light Submittal

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